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Mike Carey  

Over To You
Mike Carey Writing Competition

Issue #10 of Murky Depths features new writing from Mike Carey (author of some of the best X-Men, Fantastic Four, Lucifer and Hellblazer storylines and the original Felix Castor novels) and also launches a writing competition to be judged by Mike himself.

What's the theme of the competition? Mike supplies you with half a story (published in Issue #10), and, in no more than 5,000 words, you have the pleasure of completing it.

Entries are free and should be emailed to to arrive no later than 30 April, 2010. The winner's half of the story will feature in Issue #14 of Murky Depths. The winner will be paid the usual story rate and also receive two complimentary copies signed by Mike.

Here's four pointers from Mike:

The second part of the story needs to do some or all of these four things, I think.

  • It needs to have a cool twist, or at least an interesting pay-off to the main plot point - a way of using the "magical" effects of Then! which is surprising or arresting or frightening.
  • It needs to have some sort of resolution for Paul himself. What we've learned about him so far has mostly related to his wife walking out on him, and to a lesser extent to his mother's insanity and death. A second half that refers back to these things, and leaves Paul in a different place from where we found him, would be good.
  • It could also explain the shadowy figure in the garden and the drop of blood on the dog rose.
  • . . . . and it could contain some revelation about the mysterious Abanaazer Krohl; who he is or what his agenda is or why he's chosen to approach Paul in this way.

If I was finishing off the story myself, these would be my starting points.

Issue #10 of Murky Depths can be ordered here