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Mosquito Kindle cover "Visions of childhood, and childhood visionaries, have been a constant theme in my work."

Dead Girls #6 cover "Dark, edgy and inflected with just the right degree of lyricism."

tfc "... an examination of the human spirit, a darkened mirror that reflects the true nature of the struggle, not only for survival, but for civilization. "



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  • What is Murky Depths?
    • It's a short story print anthology that also includes interviews, reviews and artitcles.
  • What makes Murky Depths different from other print magazines?
    • It's heavily illustrated and not only features prose short stories but also comics. It also has very high production values.
  • What is the size of Murky Depths?
    • We describe it as American comic book - that's 168 mm x 260 mm, or, for the Imperialists, just over 6.5" x 10". So no, it isn't a digest magazine as some reviewers claim. And just because it's this size don't confuse it with a comic. It's not.
  • How do I order my first subscription?
    • Go here, scroll down to the subscription "Best Buy" and add to cart . You can pay via PayPal and cards.
  • How do I order single copies and back issues?
    • Go here and click on the appropriate "add to cart" button. You can pay via PayPal and cards.
  • If I subscribe already and want to order back issues, how much will they cost?
    • As a subscriber you can order back issues and additional copies at the pro rata subscription rate, ie a quarter of the subscription rate. This is the link.
  • I'd like to take out a subscription but I don't want to pay the full amount in one go. Can you help?
    • Yes we can. It's called a Loyalty Subscription. You'll have to order copies separately though - but we'll remind you when the next one is due - and from the page linked here (buying a single copy from the Main Store won't qualify). So long as you buy the first three issues in a subscription via this Specials page, and at the standard price, the last issue will equate to the difference (plus a small admin fee). We think this is a cool scheme.
  • Will you be having a table at any conventions?
    • Yes. You can find the list here.We always have special convention offers and we're happy to see portfolios.
  • What conventions have you been to?
  • How can I contact the Murky Depths team?
  • I'd like you to consider one of my stories for publication. How do I go about it?
    • Check out the guidelines. We accept submissions from both new and established writers.
  • Do you only accept submissions from established writers?
    • No. We accept submissions from new writers as well, and sometimes give feedback.
  • How quickly are submissions turned around?
    • You can expect most rejections within a few days. If you've not heard within two months send us a quiry. We've been known to consider stories for several month . . . apologies if it was you!
  • When should I query the position of my submission?