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Mosquito Kindle cover "Visions of childhood, and childhood visionaries, have been a constant theme in my work."

Dead Girls #6 cover "Dark, edgy and inflected with just the right degree of lyricism."

tfc "... an examination of the human spirit, a darkened mirror that reflects the true nature of the struggle, not only for survival, but for civilization. "


The graphically dark anthology that mixes prose short stories with comics in a graphic-novel-sized package.


















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Looking In Looking Out Gareth D Jones [Martin Deep]
Come To My Arms My Beamish Boy Douglas Warwick [Lawrence Elwick]
Paston, Kentucky Jonathan C. Gillespie [Bob Crouch]
67442 Paul Abbamondi [Mike Lansdell]
Supply Ship Kate Kelly [Maria Taylor]
State Your Name Jon Courtenay Grimwood [Art: Denis Pacher]
Cyberevenge Inc. Eugie Foster [Jim Cameron]
Today Is Not Michael Sellars [Jag Lall]
The Quality Of Mercy Ron Shiflet [A R Yngve]
Naught But Ash Anne Stringer [Christian Ward]
The Pattern Makets Of Zanzibar Lavie Tidhar [Johnny Lee]
Death and the Maiden 1 Richard Calder [Richard Calder]
The Other Woman Chris Lynch [Dark Smith]
Empathy Luke Cooper [Luke Cooper]
I Bleed Light Ed Norden [Ed Norden]
Snow Blind Marcie Lynn Tentchoff [AR Yngve]
An Interview with Monkeys With Machine Guns
A running list of contributors also appears here.

ISBN: 978-1-906584-01-6

You only pay
£3 UK
€7 Europe and Republic of Ireland
$9 US and Worldwide

Cover art by Steve Stone
courtesy of Wizard Entertainment

FREE postage on single copies!!
FREE postage on single copies!!
FREE postage on single copies!!
PDF £2.29

Whispers of Wickedness (Paul Bradshaw)
Tangent (Phil Soletsky)
SFRevu (Sam Tomaino) 

Ecstatic Days (Jeff Vandemeer)
UKSF Book News (Ariel)  

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by Jason Sizemore, editor Apex Digest

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"This looks interesting . . ." - Warren Ellis

"Slickly and sensitively designed, this is a magazine with a clear vision of how to jazz up our often visually staid field." - Paul Di Filippo

" I think MD is a great addition to the ranks of spec fic publications." - Simon Haynes

" . . . not only some great prose, but also some truly cool, cutting edge graphic strips. Go out and buy a copy or, better yet, subscribe." - Ian R Faulkner

"I have to congratulate the publishers . . . This is a bold production. . . a lovely object to hold and I've always been a believer in rewarding those with courage, so I'll be subscribing." - Martin McGrath

". . . what a sumptuous feast of art and words it is! . . . It must be the best quality inaugural issue in the history of SF magazines." - Gareth D Jones

"It's a fantastic feeling to hold this in my hands. . . Seriously, though, there's not a misstep in the magazine." - Anne Stringer

"And how often do you purchase something you can appreciate as art that will also entertain the shit out of you and provide many hours of phantasmagorical escapism?" - Matt Wallace

". . .if you like your SF dark I recommend this unreservedly . . ." - Neil Beynon

". . . this magazine is really luscious. It's got fantastic production values, feels more like a graphic novel than a literary 'zine." - Eugie Foster

". . . this magazine is a work of art. . . In my humble opinion, this is the magazine to watch over the coming year." - Jonathan C Gillespie

"I just finished issue #1 and I have to say that I'm very impressed...Production values on this mag are through the roof; you really should check it out." - Kurt Kirchmeier
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Harlow Star
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Matt Wallace's "The Dead Man and The Berserk", which features in the Promo Issue #0 of Murky Depths, can now be heard at Variant Frequencies. Download it here. There's also a few words from Murky Depths' Publishing Editor, Terry Martin.