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Mosquito Kindle cover "Visions of childhood, and childhood visionaries, have been a constant theme in my work."

Dead Girls #6 cover "Dark, edgy and inflected with just the right degree of lyricism."

tfc "... an examination of the human spirit, a darkened mirror that reflects the true nature of the struggle, not only for survival, but for civilization. "


The graphically dark anthology that mixes prose short stories with comics in a graphic-novel-sized package.


















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Dead Girls Richard Calder [Art: Leonardo M Giron]
Now! And Then! Mike Carey [Neil Roberts]
The OTher Side Of Life Ian R Faulkner [Dylan Williams]
Soul Music Richard Rippon [Nancy Farmer]
Radio Man, Frequency Woman Alex Curnow [Neil Struthers]
Christmas Miracle Jeff Cook [Martin Deep]
The Long Haul Mark Ball [Smuzz]
The Last Precinct - Part 1 Luke Cooper [Luke Cooper]
The Claimant Toby Anderton [Toby Anderton]
Finger Lavie Tidhar [Neil Roberts]
The Naked Soul Of Man James Johnson [Lars Rasmussen]
Depth Charge - Pussy Control Matt Wallace
Interview with Lars Rasmussen
Stirred Not Shaken Robert Rankin & Toby Frost
Over To You - writing competition Mike Carey
A running list of contributors also appears here.

ISBN: 978-1-906584-15-3

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£3 UK
€7 Europe and Republic of Ireland
$9 US and Worldwide

Cover art by Lars Rasmussen

FREE postage on single copies!!
FREE postage on single copies!!
FREE postage on single copies!!
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What people said about this issue:

"Many genre magazines fail to make it into double figures, so it's especially exciting to see 'Murky Depths' hit the magic tenth issue. With the launch of a writing competition that stretches to issue 14 and with plenty more artwork and stories already commissioned for forthcoming issues, it looks like the publishers plan to be around for a while yet. . . . This issue features some of the best artwork yet and the fiction continues to push the boundaries of darkness. . . ." [Full review] - Gareth D. Jones (SF Crowsnest)

"Murky Depths . . . reaches a landmark issue with #10, providing more great entertainment. Let's hope that [it] continues with many "tens" of issues. For that to happen, you must subscribe." [Full review] - Sam Tomaino (SFRevu)